High Performance Nursing: Lessons from Being a Nurse Unit Manager

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High Performance Nursing: Lessons from Being a Nurse Unit Manager

December 13, 2022

High Performance Nursing: Lessons from Being a Nurse Unit Manager

Working as a nurse unit manager was a huge adventure for me! I think that it’s a unique leadership position that has a lot of capacity to positively influence change in our teams and our patients’ lives.

In this episode, I will share my thoughts and ideas about being a nurse unit manager based on my personal experience. For me, it has been quite a learning experience, and it has definitely shaped how I function as a nurse coach to this day.

I’m going to tell you about the power of our team’s collective thoughts, the value of believing in our ability as a leader, and how it can impact the results in our ward. If you are wondering what it feels like to be a nurse unit manager, or if you’re a nurse unit manager yourself, this episode is definitely for you! 

Key Takeaways:

1:58 – Working as a nurse unit manager 

4:33 – It’s not better there than here 

5:40 – Blind Leading the Blind

7:22 – Healthcare and its lack of technology

9:10 – People Pleasing

11:15 – Your mindset matters 

12:33 – The importance of your belief in your ability as a leader 

14:25 – The value of sharing thoughts about the ward 

15:58 – Impact of our thoughts as a team 

17:40 – Growth vs loneliness

20:47 – Setting up boundaries as a NUM 

21:55 – Knowing your low, middle, and top performers 

23:36 – Circle of influence and circle of concern 

27:57 – Having your own back!

Interested in how coaching can help and support you as a NUM? I work with NUMs/Leaders throughout the country to navigate the challenges this role present on a personal and professional level. You can book a call below to chat about your situation and we can make a plan to get you moving forward!

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