Amplify Nursing: Jon Zhu: Nursing innovation

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Amplify Nursing: Jon Zhu: Nursing innovation

September 6, 2022

Amplify Nursing: Jon Zhu: Nursing innovation

Today on Amplify Nursing, we talk with Jonathan Zhu, a rising senior BSN student at the University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing. As an assistant with our Penn Nursing innovation program, Jon has worked on various projects including the Design Thinking for Health platform, Penn Nursing Innovation Accelerator, and Penn Nursing Story Slam. Jon has also participated in numerous healthcare hackathons, including NurseHack4Health, Jefferson Health Hack, MIT Health Equity, and more. Jon talks with us about what drew him to nursing and nursing innovation, the importance of innovation education in nursing curricula, and why nursing students should participate in hackathons.

Read his articles here:

The Case for Innovation Education in Nursing School

Getting Nursing Students Involved in Hackathons

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