Building Trust On Your Team w/Chris Recinos

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Building Trust On Your Team w/Chris Recinos

December 16, 2021

Building Trust On Your Team w/Chris Recinos

Short & Sweet Series: Building Trust On Your Team

Want to learn how to build trust on your team? Join Chris as he covers the tools and actions you can take today to start building trust within your team. Once you have implemented the methods in the episode you will be able to enjoy the high retention, patient safety, decreased conflict, and increased motivation/collaboration within your team. Ready to get started? Hit play and be sure to have your notepad handy!

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How is Parkinson’s Disease Diagnosed? And How Is a Care Team Created? Parkinson’s disease can’t be diagnosed through a simple blood test or scan. After a referral from a primary care doctor, it often takes visits to a neurologist or movement disorder specialist before receiving a clinical diagnosis.