The Life-Changing Impact of Neuro-Optometry

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The Life-Changing Impact of Neuro-Optometry

Jacqueline Theis, OD, FAAO joins us to talk about Neuro-Optomety
February 2, 2024

The Life-Changing Impact of Neuro-Optometry

While little known outside of the vision care sector, neuro-optometry is a fast-growing specialized field in which doctors treat patients with vision complaints and/or double vision due to concussions, brain injury or other neurological issues.


Dr. Jacqueline Theis, OD, FAOO, a leader in this burgeoning field, says the need for neuro-optometrist professionals “is expanding incredibly” as the field overall has grown broader in lock step with the recent surge in research into vision, visual vestibular therapy, and brain injury. “A lot of this is trying to figure out what can I do as an optometrist to help [people] to functionally see better,” says Theis, who is internationally recognized for diagnosis and management of oculomotor dysfunction in concussion, as well as prismatic correction of acquired and developmental double vision. 

Listen to her story and follow her career path as she relates how early sports concussions led to her passion for helping others see the world more clearly. 

To learn more about Dr.Jacqueline Theis and neuro-optometry visit click here

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