Women at the Table Bring a Depth of Perspective

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Women at the Table Bring a Depth of Perspective

Snezana Mahon and Transcarent Empower Women to have more Support Across the Healthcare Ecosystem
January 24, 2023

Women at the Table Bring a Depth of Perspective

In this episode, Joy sits down with Snezana Mahon, Chief Operating Officer at Transcarent, a company working to redefine the healthcare experience for consumers. Mahon, a pharmacist by training, also discusses how she has seen healthcare from different perspectives throughout her career and how she has come to understand the importance of lifting women up within the industry.

Transcarent was a sponsor of Women in HLTH and their executive leadership team is made up of more than 50 percent women. The organization is focusing on how to empower women to have more thought input, opportunities to speak up, and different ways to contribute to its creativity and innovation.

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