Sangeeta Agarawol

HIT Like a Girl

Sangeeta Agarawol

Humble beginnings and virtual nurses
October 23, 2019

Sangeeta Agarawol

In This Episode, You’ll Hear About

Today we are talking with Oncology Nurse and CEO of Helpsy Health, Sangeeta Agarawal. Her life in India as a young girl, desire to push cultural norms and a robust understanding of healthcare and engineering is helping her pioneer a holistic approach to patient care and using virtual nurses.

Helpsy has built the world’s first AI (Artificial Intelligence) nurse for Symptom Management and Navigation (SAN) that can automatically anticipate, empathize, engage, educate and escalate care for each person she cares for. SAN can automatically create a personalized care plan and provide dynamic support to patients through integrative technologies, empowering patients and clinicians alike.

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