Robin Roberts

HIT Like a Girl

Robin Roberts

An inside look at caregiving under impossible circumstances
September 5, 2018

Robin Roberts

Robin Roberts is a health IT consultant and the co-host of the HIT Like A Girl podcast. She sits down as a guest on this inaugural episode to share her story about how her son Carter came down with a rare disease two years ago that turned her family’s world upside down. Robin discusses the challenges of navigating the insurance world to provide Carter with equipment that will increase his quality of life. She opens up about how she’s taken for granted the advantages of being physically able and neurally typical.

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How is Parkinson’s Disease Diagnosed? And How Is a Care Team Created? Parkinson’s disease can’t be diagnosed through a simple blood test or scan. After a referral from a primary care doctor, it often takes visits to a neurologist or movement disorder specialist before receiving a clinical diagnosis.