Reflections on 2021 from Three Continents

HIT Like a Girl

Reflections on 2021 from Three Continents

3 shows, 3 speakers, 3 different accents from 3 different continents
December 28, 2021

Reflections on 2021 from Three Continents

Every December brings reflectiions about what has happened in the past year and what’s coming in the next year. This event brings together three podcasters from the US, Europe and Australia who will address digital health trends and perspectives from three continents and different perspectives their podcasts focus on: digital health law, female empowerment and diversity in healthcare systems across the world.


Joy Rios – Consultant, Host of HIT Like a Girl Podcast

Bianca Rose Phillips – Founder of Digital Health Think Tank 

Tjasa Zajc – Business Developer at Better, Host of Faces of Digital Health podcast

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