MicroSkills: Navigating the Modern Workplace

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MicroSkills: Navigating the Modern Workplace

A helpful discussion on workplace success with Dr. Adaira Landry & Dr. Resa Lewiss, co-authors of MicroSkills
April 16, 2024

MicroSkills: Navigating the Modern Workplace

In this episode, Joy welcomes back Dr. Adaira Landry and introduces Dr. Resa E. Lewiss for a conversation about navigating the ever-changing landscape of the workplace. With their new book, “MicroSkills: Small Actions, Big Impact,” Landry and Lewiss provide essential guidance for individuals entering the workforce, focusing on practical strategies for success. Drawing from their experiences as emergency medicine physicians, educators, and authors, they explore the necessity of honing micro skills for self-care, task management, communication, reputation building, and more. From offloading routine tasks to maintaining a positive attitude in challenging situations, they offer practical advice for individuals navigating today’s professional world.

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