Kelly Del Gaudio

HIT Like a Girl

Kelly Del Gaudio

Hacking for the greater good
November 7, 2018

Kelly Del Gaudio

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Kelly Del Gaudio: @thatMTrulesgirl

HIT Like a Girl: @HITlikeaGirlpod

Joy Rios: @askjoyrios

Robin Roberts: @RRobertseHealth

Galen EnginuITy

Kelly Del Gaudio’s LinkedIn


Meditech Wiki

Meditech Surveillance Rules Engine

2018 Practical Innovation Award Winner 

Operation #NerdyWork

MUMPS Programming Language

Intelligent Medical Objects (IMO) Integration

AHRQ Best Practice Guidelines for VTE Prophylactic

CMS 2019 ICD-10 Coding Guidelines

80/20 Rule (aka The Pareto Principle)

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