Joni Pidcock

HIT Like a Girl

Joni Pidcock

Interoperability as a paradigm shift
May 29, 2019

Joni Pidcock

Today, we are talking with Joni Pidcock who started out her education in musical theater but is now the Director of Payer Services at Orion Health. We’re talking with Joni about how her path from the arts and her study of cultural pluralism have helped her navigate the land of health IT. She wears many professional hats and shares about how when she sees a deficit in things, she’s personally driven to step up.

Her perspective on interoperability is interesting – she sees it as a paradigm shift of values, where a group of people (i.e. payers, providers, or even patients) value being open and accessible for the good of the end result of the patients. At Orion, they are able to take disparate data, integrate it, and help providers focus on care coordination and population management. She’s got some great ideas on what pieces would need to be added to the U.S. healthcare system to achieve true interoperability.

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