Jen Horonjeff

HIT Like a Girl

Jen Horonjeff

Spearheading patient inclusion and patient-centered design
April 17, 2019

Jen Horonjeff

Today’s episode is with Jen Horonjeff , Founder and CEO of Savvy Coop.

Savvy Coop is a patient-owned platform where patients and end-users are playing a pivotal role in healthcare and health IT solutions. The platform allows patients, healthcare consumers and caregivers to actively engage, and be rewarded, in healthcare and tech ideas, development, deployment, and research so that patient-centered design can truly happen in very real ways in today’s Healthcare market.

It doesn’t surprise us one bit that she’s been named one of the Most Daring Entrepreneurs by @Entrepreneur magazine for her co-op model. After all, she uses puppets to implore healthcare innovators to include patients in their development processes. Cute and smart to boot!

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