Empowering Health Equity

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Empowering Health Equity

A conversation with Dana Trampas, Digital Health Storyteller sparking disruption through captivating narratives
October 17, 2023

Empowering Health Equity

In this episode, Joy introduces upcoming guest host Dana Trampas, a digital health advisor, a dedicated mom, and currently pursuing her MPH in grad school. Dana discusses her role in the “sandwich generation,” caring for both an elderly parent and a young child. She provides a glimpse into her forthcoming role as a guest host during Global Health Equity Week in October, where she’ll engage in insightful conversations with people making an impact in health equity.

Dana shares her perspective on public health, highlighting its influence on various aspects of our lives, from policy evaluation to epidemiology and social determinants of health. She emphasizes the importance of proactive healthcare and the need for collaboration among healthcare professionals to bridge the gap between public health ideals and reactive healthcare practices. Tune in to hear Dana’s thought-provoking insights and her quest to make sense of the intricate mosaic that is healthcare.

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