Bright Minds: Navigating Pediatric Mental Health

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Bright Minds: Navigating Pediatric Mental Health

An important conversation with Naomi Allen, CEO of Brightline
April 2, 2024

Bright Minds: Navigating Pediatric Mental Health

In this episode, Joy delves into the complex world of pediatric mental health care with guest Naomi Allen, CEO and co-founder of Brightline. Naomi shares her journey from a personal crisis with her son to founding Brightline, the first national pediatric mental health solution. Amidst a growing crisis, Naomi discusses the profound shortage of clinicians and the barriers families face in accessing quality care. Through virtual care and innovative solutions, Brightline aims to bridge these gaps, providing accessible and affordable support for children and their families across the nation. From teletherapy to coaching programs and digital interventions, Brightline’s holistic approach demonstrates the power of human-led care enabled by technology in addressing the pediatric mental health crisis.

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