Breaking Barriers: Digital Solutions for Reproductive Health

HIT Like a Girl

Breaking Barriers: Digital Solutions for Reproductive Health

An important converstation about abortion and reproductive health with Dr. Roopan Gill
April 18, 2023

Breaking Barriers: Digital Solutions for Reproductive Health

In this episode of the HIT Like A Girl podcast, Joy sits down with Roopan Gill, co-founder and executive director of Vitala Global, a Canadian not-for-profit organization that co-creates digital platforms for women and girls living in challenging countries with highly stigmatized issues around sexual and reproductive health. Gill, who is also an obstetrician gynecologist based out of Toronto, talks about the legal and political challenges of providing abortion-related information and care in Venezuela, which is a legally restrictive setting. She discusses how Vitala Global’s digital abortion companion app, Aya Contigo, provides support and information to Venezuelan women seeking safe abortion care. Gill also shares how Vitala Global is working to bring the app to LatinX folks and BIPOC communities in the United States and other countries within Latin America.

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