Aditi Joshi & Shruti Chandra

HIT Like a Girl

Aditi Joshi & Shruti Chandra

Telehealth and emergency medicine
July 3, 2019

Aditi Joshi & Shruti Chandra

We are thrilled to have two smart women in medicine and telehealth join us today. We are with Dr. Aditi Joshi and Dr. Shruti Chandra who are both with Jefferson Hospital in Philadelphia. They are walking us through how telehealth is helping their facility, especially emergency medicine. These women will share with us the challenges and successes of telehealth and where things are headed for physicians with a great “web-side manner” in telehealth.

Dr. Chandra became involved in Telehealth as a Telehealth practitioner and developer of the Telehealth Facilitator Certificate Program for which she is currently the program director.

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