Dr. Mark McLaughlin – A Brain Surgeon’s Quest to Out-Think Fear

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Dr. Mark McLaughlin – A Brain Surgeon’s Quest to Out-Think Fear

December 22, 2020

Dr. Mark McLaughlin – A Brain Surgeon’s Quest to Out-Think Fear

Jeremy has a conversation with Dr. Mark McLaughlin about his new book, Cognitive Dominance – A Brain Surgeon’s Quest To Out-Think Fear, in which he explores what happens to our brains when an unexpected event causes fear to overtakes our executive function.

He shares the experience from early in his career when something expected happened post-surgery with a teenager he was treating that affected him profoundly and caused him to leave pediatric neurosurgery for many years until, through writing the book, he developed a new model for sorting these kinds challenges as they arise to be able to make solid quick decisions without fear dominating.
The Book:

Show notes:

8:25Why write Mark wrote the book

9:10 Learning to deal with fear

11:15 Holding ourselves to an impossible standard

12:45 What do you do with unexpected events

13:50 Facing our problems, system for processing

16:10 The dream

18:45 Breaking down the dream, metaphor for the brain’s process of fear

21:05 Mapping out fear, understanding the sum of its parts

26:40 Recognizing where you’re in the fear matrix

28:40 We all have to travel though a full range of positive and negative experience

31:15 Risk and Reward

34:50 Adaptability

32:30 Levels of Anxiety 

33:20 Silencing you inner underminer

34:25 Concilience – Edward O. Wilson – common thread between humanities and science

35:57 What Mark gained through writing the book

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