Dr. Christopher Shade – Removing Toxic Mercury From The Body

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Dr. Christopher Shade – Removing Toxic Mercury From The Body

December 14, 2020

Dr. Christopher Shade – Removing Toxic Mercury From The Body

Without assistance, heavy metals continue to recirculate in our systems.  In this part 2, Dr. Shade takes us through the mechanism used in removing heavy metals from our systems, products he’s developed and explains in detail how to bind these materials to move them safely through the gut.  They also discuss together their experience working with toxic individuals, common sources of mercury in food, symptoms, and what do to if you think you maybe be suffering from heavy metal build-up.
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Show Notes:
4:15 – Mercury detox
8:45 – Gall Bladder, Liver, bile movement
11:05 – What blocks the flow of toxins in the liver?  Inflammation – endotoxins (bacteria that turn up inflammation).  
12:20 –  Anti-oxidant system, fight or flight
13:05 –  Hormonal impact, Estogren 
14:15 –  Progesterone, helps to detox liver
15:15 –  the use of bitters (phosphatidal choline)
16:20 –  Methyl mercury
19:15 –  Binders to get toxins out of the bile so they don’t re-circulate (ultra-binder, liver sauce), mast-cell regulation
22:05 –  Autonomic balancers, Gabba and CBD
23:15 –  Mercury symptoms and testing
24:20  –  Neurological symptoms- Anxiety, paranoia 
26:40 –  Noteables who had mercury toxicity
27:20 – Physical symptoms, heaviness, tiredness, damaging mitochondria, thyroid, kidneys/adrenals, liver.
30:00 – Pregnancy, thyroid challenges
31:30  – Fish, best choices
35:40 – Dental Amalgums, blood brain barrier, gut, lungs
37:50 –  Teflon, Fluoro Toxics
41:20  – Anesthesia 
43:15  – Round-up Glyphosate
45:20 –   Mold – activate and catch.  More frequency because of re-uptake
46:50  – Autonomic support, Rest, Parasympathetic Movement, Light Jog, Saunas, Tai Chi
48:15 –   Lifestyle with detox program – no magic pill
50:30 –   intermittent detox
56:40  Testing, treating or both

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