Top Tips for Nailing Interview Questions!

High Performance Nursing

Top Tips for Nailing Interview Questions!

December 13, 2021

Top Tips for Nailing Interview Questions!

In today’s episode of High Performance Nursing, let’s talk about some top tips for responding to interview questions. We are diving deeper into a couple of key components that I would love you to get your head around so that you can approach your interviews confidently. There is a lot of work, but preparation is the key for making it work and getting your dream job.

In this episode, we will be covering three different types of questions that you will come across in the interview and how to respond to those three types of questions, ensuring that you use effective strategies throughout to help you confidently respond under pressure.

As clinicians, we put a lot of work and preparation to be able to go in and perform at our highest level. Always remember that it will be worth it. You’ll have a new job. You’d be really happy in this new role because it’s what you want to do. Make the preparation and nail those interview questions with confidence!


  • Interview notes as safety net (02:31)
  • The introductory icebreaker question (05:48)
  • Key question themes (07:20)
  • A list of sentences (10:59)
  • The STAR example question (12:50)
  • The scenario based response (14:25)
  • Importance of using professional language in communicating (20:47)
  • The STAR process and behavioral examples (22:24)


  • “If you don’t get it the first time, do not beat yourself up.” – Liam Caswell (02:14)
  • “They want to see that we have the underlying knowledge. They don’t necessarily look for the perfect answer.”- Liam Caswell (10:42)
  • “If you really, really want something, you will make the time.” – Liam Caswell (36:05)


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Stay Curious!

Liam 🙂

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