Putting Science into the Art of Nursing

High Performance Nursing

Putting Science into the Art of Nursing

October 17, 2022

Putting Science into the Art of Nursing

When it comes to nursing education, nothing really beats having access to a nurse Educator like Rob Timmings with over 35 years of diverse nursing experience and a passion for all things science! Imagine sipping a Margherita on a cruise ship, whilst filling gaps in your clinical knowledge? Its possible with ECT4 Health!

Nursing Educator Rob Timmings shares his wealth of experience with us this week as we explore what it means to be a good nurse educator, learn to stay in your lane of expertise, and leverage your passion in what you do to achieve success.

Rob is the Founder of ECT4health, providing nursing education online, in person and on vacation!

This episode is perfect for you if you are a nurse seeking an exciting hands-on, in-person nurse education to complement your job onshore of offshore!

Key takeaways:

Introducing Rob Timmings – 0:30

What makes a good nurse educator? – 6:00  

Knowing your topic as an educator? – 8:35

Importance of staying in your lane – 10:35

Nurse educators as leaders – 11:38

The biggest gap in the nursing – 13:26

Understanding the rules and the why behind the tasks and policies – 14:52

We want to care for our patients – 18:36

Top tips in nursing education – 19:30

How the ECT4Health started – 24:45

Main insights as a Nursepreneur – 30:00

ECT4Health Courses and Offers – 33:00

Final messages of wisdom – 39:00

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