Heart Place Hospital with Jacqui O’Connor

High Performance Nursing

Heart Place Hospital with Jacqui O’Connor

October 24, 2022

Heart Place Hospital with Jacqui O’Connor

Do you believe we should first heal our healers before they do any healing? That’s definitely what HeartPlace Hospital founder Nurse Jacqui O’Connor believes! She’s leading a movement of hospicing and feminizing our health and education system.

There is a need for us to start caring for our carers. Nurse Jacqui is taking the massive opportunity to heal frontliners and work on providing them regular energy support. Her work continually challenges the norms and takes giant steps to improve how we do things as nurses.

In this episode, we learn more about Nurse Jacqui’s journey and her ideas on having safe havens, giving future carers space to be creative, and ultimately reclaiming our wisdom so we can advocate for a life that best suits us.

If you have witnessed the rampant victim mentality within the nursing industry and are searching for a hopeful safe haven led by someone with the right experience, then this episode is perfect for you!

Key Takeaways:

0:45 Introducing Jacqui O’Conner

1:50 Nurse Jacqui’s journey

6:40 Seeing burnout with the people you work with.

8:40 The movement of hospicing the system

12:00 The importance of healing our healers

13:15 Feminizing our health and education system

14:05 The importance of safe havens

15:10 Work with high vibin’ people!

18:05 Let’s celebrate our future carers and give them space to be creative

18:40 Challenging the norms and being the example

19:50 The power of self-confidence

20:55 What makes your belief unshakable?

25:30 Witnessing and supporting victim mentality

26:50 Advocating for a life that best suits me

28:50 Reclaiming your personal wisdom

31:30 The wonder of following your intuition

32:33 The vision of frontliners having regular energy support

34:00 The prolonged state of stress in our system

35:15 Understanding sacred wisdom

36:13 Creating change from this chaos

37:00 The need to document what we do

39:00 What do you do in Heart Place Hospital?

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