Patient Advocacy with Kate Hoskin

High Performance Nursing

Patient Advocacy with Kate Hoskin

May 1, 2023

Patient Advocacy with Kate Hoskin

Kate is an experienced emergency nurse and patient advocate with a passion for helping patients navigate the healthcare system. 

With over 15 years of experience in both public and private acute care settings, she has developed a keen awareness and understanding of how our health system operates and how to help patients find their way on their healthcare journey. Kate empowers patients to recognize inferior care and ask for better, as well as helps people understand where bias and other agendas might be impacting the advice they receive from the healthcare providers and hopefully inspire other healthcare professionals to return their focus to patient centred care.

In this episode, Kate also talks about the importance of being human in nursing and patient advocacy and how this human connection can improve the patient experience. Additionally, Kate shares her experience of starting a business while returning to bedside nursing and the lessons she learned along the way.

Overall, this episode is a great listen for anyone in the healthcare industry or anyone considering a career in nursing. Kate’s story provides insight into the challenges and opportunities that come with navigating different roles and organizations in nursing, and the importance of patient advocacy and human connection in providing quality care.

Key takeaways:

02:32 – Learn about Kate’s career story

12:01 – Finding Contentment and Purpose

14:13 – Navigating Thoughts and Feelings When Leaving a Job

19:40 – What was it like starting in a private graduate program as a grad?

22:01 – What is the secret to sustaining and building a career in ED?

25:00 – Importance of being human in nursing and patient advocacy.

32:24 – The Importance of Human Connection in Patient Care: Why Knowing Your Patient Matters

36:52 – Bringing Business to Life

42:45 – Advice for Starting a Business While Returning to Bedside Nursing

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