Nurse Wellbeing Mission with Nathan Illman

High Performance Nursing

Nurse Wellbeing Mission with Nathan Illman

September 5, 2022

Nurse Wellbeing Mission with Nathan Illman

Working as a nurse and midwife in the modern healthcare system is certainly a challenge, typically because as clinicians, we are ill-equipped to thrive within the complex system that is healthcare!

This week in High Performance Nursing, we’ll discuss with Clinical Psychologist and Founder of the Nurse Wellbeing Mission, Nathan Illman, the value of self-care, well-being, and our shared vision for organizational support for nurses and midwives.

Caring for our mental health, having an encouraging workplace, and building a robust culture are some of the few steps we can take to ensure that our nurses can perform at their best!

Nathan shares his top tips as a nurse and midwife ally, drawing from his lived experience in the system as both a clinical peer and a family member. Nathan was inspired by the amazing work that nurses and midwives do, kickstarting his desire to use his psychology and coaching skills to positively influence the system! 

Ultimately, the goal is not to become the best worker out there, but to be the best version of yourself as a human first, nurse second. It’s time to dig deep and understand that those who deliver care must also experience care, even from themselves.

All this and more in this exciting discussion! Tune in and enjoy the conversation.


  • Realizing the challenges for nurses (5:00)
  • The why behind having little support (12:05)
  • Importance of putting yourself first (16:38)
  • How to start taking care of yourself (21:30)
  • The value of seeking help through therapy (32:00)
  • Nurse Wellbeing Mission and Vision (40:05)

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