Coaching For Healthcare with Gail Carmody

High Performance Nursing

Coaching For Healthcare with Gail Carmody

August 29, 2022

Coaching For Healthcare with Gail Carmody

In the healthcare industry, coaching is becoming an increasingly popular way to improve employee productivity and morale. One-on-one or small group coaching is increasingly being used to help identify and achieve personal and professional goals.

In this week’s episode of High Performance Nursing, I have a fascinating conversation with Gail Carmody, who is a nurse and a coach for healthcare professionals. Gail shares her insights on what coaching is, how it can benefit nurses and healthcare professionals, and how to get started with coaching in your own career.

Gail also discusses the importance of self-care for nurses and how coaching can help nurses to find balance in their lives. As Gail points out, coaching is not just about performance improvement; it’s also about helping nurses to lead happier and healthier lives.

If you’re interested in learning more about coaching, or if you’re simply looking for some inspiration to help you improve your own life and career, I hope you enjoy this conversation with Gail Carmody.


  • How to build a career from RN to CEO (01:42)
  • Hospital training vs. university training (12:05)
  • The day-to-day life of a nursing director (16:36)
  • The necessity of work-life balance (21:56)
  • Gail’s transition journey into coaching(26:19)
  • The difference between coaching and mentoring (31:44)
  • What is coaching for healthcare? (37:49)
  • Medicine vs. nursing (40:15)


  • “People that come to me know they want to change, but they’re not quite sure how.” -Gail Carmody (32:12)
  • “I think coaching is a very underutilised and an unknown entity in healthcare.” -Gail Carmody (32:22)
  • “A lot of us try to build a relationship with the career and the identity of being a nurse, but we don’t build a relationship with ourselves.” -Liam Caswell (37:03)


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