Nurse Chill: Lighting the Way in Nursing with Sue Murphy

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Nurse Chill: Lighting the Way in Nursing with Sue Murphy

June 3, 2024

Nurse Chill: Lighting the Way in Nursing with Sue Murphy

This weeks guest Sue Murphy, known as Nurse Chill, brings a wealth of experience from over 35 years in nursing, having started in the 1980s. Her diverse career spans emergency nursing, ICU, and entrepreneurial endeavors, including property investment and hosting webinars. Proving there is nothing you CAN’T do as a nurse!

We dive into:

  1. Overcoming Professional Challenges: Sue shares her journey through various nursing roles, her struggles in ICU, and her transition into property investment and entrepreneurship, highlighting the adaptability and resilience required in nursing.
  2. Addressing Systemic Issues: The conversation delves into systemic problems in healthcare, such as staffing shortages and the high stress levels that lead to nurse burnout. Sue emphasizes the need for systemic changes to improve conditions for nurses.
  3. Innovation in Nursing: Sue discusses her venture, Nurse Chill Lights, a product designed to improve visibility for nurses working night shifts. This innovation addresses a common problem and showcases how nurses can lead change through entrepreneurship.

Episode Highlights:

  • 00:00-05:00 – Introduction of Sue Murphy and her background in nursing.
  • 05:01-15:00 – Discussion on systemic challenges in healthcare and Sue’s experiences in various nursing roles.
  • 15:01-25:00 – Sue talks about her transition from nursing to entrepreneurship, focusing on the creation of Nurse Chill Lights.
  • 25:01-35:00 – Exploration of the impact of systemic issues on nurse wellbeing and the potential solutions through innovation and systemic change.
  • 35:01-End – Sue shares advice for nurses on coping with stress and the importance of innovation in nursing practice.

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