Empowering Nurses through Clinical Supervision with Tammy Pilton-Pluck

High Performance Nursing

Empowering Nurses through Clinical Supervision with Tammy Pilton-Pluck

June 10, 2024

Empowering Nurses through Clinical Supervision with Tammy Pilton-Pluck

In this episode, I interview Tammy Pilton-Pluck, an accomplished nurse with over 20 years of diverse international nursing experience. Tammy shares her journey from an unexpected start in nursing to founding Intrepid Professional Development, where she empowers nurses globally. They delve into career resilience, personal growth, and the importance of clinical supervision and supportive environments in nursing.

Key Moments:

00:00:02 – Introduction

  • Liam welcomes Tammy Pilton-Pluck to the podcast, highlighting her extensive nursing background.

00:00:54 – Behind the Scenes

  • Discussing the support Tammy provides to nurses and the importance of behind-the-scenes conversations.

00:01:08 – Tammy’s Diverse Nursing Background

  • Tammy’s journey through various nursing specialties, from phlebotomy to palliative care.

00:03:16 – Beginning in Nursing

  • Tammy shares how a personal experience in her church community led her to nursing.

00:05:56 – Career Challenges and Palliative Care

  • Tammy’s move to palliative care and how it shaped her perspective on life and nursing.

00:07:26 – 30 Seconds of Courage

  • Tammy explains her life motto of “30 seconds of courage” and how it has driven her career decisions.

00:13:16 – Importance of Exit Strategies

  • Discussing why every healthcare professional should have an exit strategy for continuous growth and avoiding burnout.

00:20:22 – Appraisals and Self-Reflection

  • Tammy emphasizes the need for self-appraisals and preparing for professional growth discussions.

00:32:34 – Professional Nurse Advocacy (PNA)

  • Introduction to PNA and its role in providing psychological safety and professional support for nurses.

00:41:52 – Restorative Clinical Supervision

  • Tammy discusses the importance of non-managerial, confidential supervision for nurses to discuss challenges and successes.

00:57:03 – Launching Intrepid Professional Development

  • Tammy’s motivation and journey in starting her business to support nurses’ professional development.

Listen to the full episode to gain insights into Tammy’s remarkable nursing journey, the concept of 30 seconds of courage, and the essential strategies for building a resilient and fulfilling nursing career.

For more episodes and resources, visit High Performance Nursing Podcast.

Connect with Tammy here.

Listen to the IPD podcast here!

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