Nurse Academia and Research with Jed Montayre

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Nurse Academia and Research with Jed Montayre

May 15, 2023

Nurse Academia and Research with Jed Montayre

Join me on this latest episode as I dive into the captivating journey of Jed Montayre. In this episode, I had the honor of speaking with Jed, an esteemed clinician, associate professor, and director of the Center of Evidence-Based Practice for Healthcare Policy at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Discover the remarkable career path Jed has forged and the invaluable contributions he has made to the nursing field, in particular aged care and healthy aging.

Jed’s story encompasses the transformation from clinical practice to academia, where he started as an emergency nurse, relishing the dynamic nature of acute care. Transitioning to medical-surgical nursing, he fostered deeper connections with patients during extended periods of care. Fueled by his passion for research and the desire to enhance nursing practice, Jed embarked on an academic journey, pursuing a Ph.D. and embracing teaching roles across different universities.

Jed’s Ph.D. experience was both challenging and rewarding, contributing valuable insights to nursing knowledge. He emphasizes the multitude of pathways that a Ph.D. can open within nursing, including academia, research, policy development, and leadership roles.

Jed Montayre’s inspiring career journey from clinical practice to becoming an associate professor and renowned nurse researcher serves as an inspiration to aspiring nurses. His unwavering commitment to gerontology and nursing research has significantly influenced the field, while his dedication to enhancing healthcare for aging populations is truly commendable. Jed’s story is a reminder that with passion, hard work, and a lifelong commitment to learning, nurses can leave a lasting mark on the lives of others.

Don’t miss this captivating episode, available now for your listening pleasure!

Key takeaways:

03:16 – Jed’s Career Story

05:58 – From Clinical Practice to Academia

09:08 – The Path to Gerontology and Research

10:28 – The PhD Experience and Beyond

14:18 – Exploring Pathways from a PhD in Nursing to Improving Clinical Practice

15:56 – Exploring the Value of Research in Aging

21:37 – Promoting Healthy Aging

25:01 – Surprising Discoveries

29:42 – What is like to be a Nurse Academic and Researcher

32:14 – Nursing Challenges

35:07 – Advice for Clinicians Embarking on a Research Journey

Connect with Jed Montayre:

Email: [email protected]




Check out his works here: 

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