Graduate Nurse Application Q and A (2) – Grad Success Series

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Graduate Nurse Application Q and A (2) – Grad Success Series

May 10, 2023

Graduate Nurse Application Q and A (2) – Grad Success Series

In this episode, I dive into a live coaching session, offering free guidance and support for nurses at all stages of their careers. Whether a graduate nurse or a seasoned professional asked their burning questions and explore various aspects of building a successful nursing career.

I emphasize the importance of making thoughtful career choices and caution against simply pursuing opportunities because you can. Through this episode, I empower nurses to give themselves permission to choose what feels right for them. I reminded my viewers that there’s no one-size-fits-all solution or external authority that can determine the best career decisions. Instead, each nurse has the power to assess their own motivations and make choices that resonate with their true desires.

Join me in this insightful coaching session as I share wisdom and prompt nurses to reflect on their career paths, encouraging them to make decisions that align with their values and aspirations.

Key takeaways:

02:12 – Navigating Career Decisions with Purpose

04:20 – Submitting our application early when applications open may be in our best interest.

05:58 – What to do after graduating from nursing?

10:21 – Advice on writing applications surrounding a specific area of nursing

16:44 – Reaching out to NUMs

20:29 – Text boxes in your CV.

24:32 – Cover letters, good format.

26:29 – Notifications for program acceptances

29:21 – The seven questions.

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