Meet our Career Success Coach Anj Di Falco

High Performance Nursing

Meet our Career Success Coach Anj Di Falco

September 19, 2022

Meet our Career Success Coach Anj Di Falco

Contrary to popular belief, your career as a nurse is not as predictable as you may think. In this episode with Career Success Coach Anj Di Falco, we draw inspiration from her path from being an EN, transitioning to RN, and now working as a coach within our GCLP and ASP programs! 

Anj joined our CCAP program in Jan 2022 feeling stuck and misaligned in her nursing career, unsure where to go next. With over 16 years’ experience, she worked with me to find her career why, learn how to self-coach and started seeing massive shifts in her life and her career, as a result of the CCAP program. 

Fast forward 8 months and Anj now works as a career success coach within all of our programs, sharing her amazing experience with our nursing clients – all 16 years of it!!

I wanted to introduce you to Anj so that you could see how amazing she is and how valuable her insights, support and coaching may be for you! 

Together we are committed to helping all nurses thrive within their careers and this is only the beginning of us building our nurse coach empire! 

Make sure you reach out to Anj via the email below and tell her what you learnt in the podcast! 

We will see you in coaching! 

Key takeaways:

  • Introducing Anj Di Falco and her nursing journey – 00:40 
  • Learnings and challenges as an agency EN – 04:00
  • Accepting a transformational role and experiencing positive impact in the workplace – 07:22
  • What was it like transitioning from EN to RN – 09:20
  • Breaking the rules – Views in doing a graduate program – 12:10
  • Feeling stuck and moving on to CCAP – 13:53
  • Applying coaching in the everyday life – 17:01
  • Fast forward to working as a coach and joining LCC – 19:36
  • What should people hear to consider coaching – 23:03
  • What are the benefits when people come to coaching? – 25:49
  • Anj’s Career Why – life by design – 28:01

Connect with Anj Di Falco

[email protected]


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