Last Chance to Join the Graduate Career Launch Program

High Performance Nursing

Last Chance to Join the Graduate Career Launch Program

June 21, 2022

Last Chance to Join the Graduate Career Launch Program

Looking for an edge in your job search? Are you a recent graduate? Are you having a hard time finding a job that matches your qualifications? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then the Graduate Career Launch Program is for you! 

The Graduate Career Launch Program (GCLP) is an intensive program that provides the skills and connections you need to start your career. You’ll learn how to network, build a personal brand, and land your dream job, plus you’ll get exclusive access to resources from top industry professionals. 

This program is the perfect way to get your career started on the right foot. Listen to this episode to know more about The Graduate Career Launch Program and take advantage of this unique opportunity!


  • Intro to Liam’s Graduate Career Launch Program (00:58)
  • Who can join the program? (01:22)
  • What is the GCLP composed of? (03:21)
  • How can this program help you make more? (06:49)
  • GCLP’s graduate stories (10:27)
  • Who is a good fit for the program? (13:16)
  • The benefit of joining a group session (20:19)
  • When can you join the program? (21:06)
  • GCLP’s payment plans (22:09)
  • What can the program guarantee you? 24:24)
  • What do you get from the program? (26:23)
  • How to join the program (30:39)



  • “So my graduate career launch program does exactly what it says on the tin, it launches your career, it gets you into your first nursing role, whether that is in within the traditional route through the graduate program pathway, or whether you want to explore non-traditional routes.” -Liam Caswell (01:03)
  • “Your thoughts create your results.” -Liam Caswell (05:36)
  • “If you’re not paying acute attention to what your brain is offering you, what thoughts are coming up for you, then you are doing yourself a disservice.” -Liam Caswell (05:21)


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