Cosmetic Nursing with Lorna Zelenak (RN/Cosmetic Nurse/Nurseprenuer)

High Performance Nursing

Cosmetic Nursing with Lorna Zelenak (RN/Cosmetic Nurse/Nurseprenuer)

August 28, 2023

Cosmetic Nursing with Lorna Zelenak (RN/Cosmetic Nurse/Nurseprenuer)

Today, we have a special guest joining us, Lorna , a nursepreneur who has found success in the world of aesthetic nursing. Lorna will be sharing her journey as a nursepreneur, the challenges she faced in attracting clients, and how she overcame impostor syndrome to pursue her goals. She’ll also shed light on the day-to-day life of a cosmetic nurse, the shortage of nurses in both the nursing and cosmetics industries, and the importance of changing the mentality of the industry to support and educate younger nurses. Lorna will debunk myths about the industry, discuss the pros and cons, and provide valuable insights for aspiring cosmetic nurses. So, if you’re interested in the world of aesthetic nursing and want to learn from a seasoned professional, stay tuned for this exciting episode of High Performance Nursing!


00:03:15 Starting as a nurse, I transitioned to the injectables business.

00:11:27 Opportunities in nursing are diverse and abundant.

00:16:49 Starting slow, learning, building clientele over time.

00:20:43 Nursepreneur journey involves impostor syndrome and self-validation. Cosmetic nursing explained, day-to-day activities.

00:25:39 Bachelor of Nursing, diploma, or enrolled nurses can become cosmetic nurses in Australia. Longer courses offer structured learning, while shorter ones require prior knowledge. Enrolled nurses face stricter regulations. Pathways include opening a business or working for a clinic.

00:30:55 Investing in yourself is incredibly important.

00:32:59 Pros/Cons/Myths

00:38:45 Cosmetic nursing and impostor syndrome in industry.

00:42:08 Cosmetics, opinions, generations, phones, experience, rules.

00:47:38 Find a trusted mentor, do your research, gain hands-on experience, enjoy the journey, enhance people’s beauty, create change.

00:51:16 Starting an online business is messy but worth it.

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Cosmetic Injectables by Lorna

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