3. Building a Successful Career in the Cosmetic Injection Field: Expert Advice from Michelle Mexted

High Performance Nursing

3. Building a Successful Career in the Cosmetic Injection Field: Expert Advice from Michelle Mexted

September 4, 2023

3. Building a Successful Career in the Cosmetic Injection Field: Expert Advice from Michelle Mexted

Today we dive into the fascinating world of the cosmetic injecting industry, but this time from a recruitment perspective. Before COVID, this industry was booming, with a surge in demand for procedures like lip injections. But how has the landscape changed since then? How do you get an injectable job? Where do you start? What do employers really want? All this and MORE covered in this fabulous episode!

Our guest, Michelle, is a recruitment expert with nearly two decades of experience in the recruitment field. She’ll shed light on the challenges and opportunities in the aesthetics and cosmetics industry, and share valuable insights on building a successful career in this rapidly growing field.

Stay tuned as we explore the world of aesthetic recruitment, the role of a recruitment consultant, and what it takes to stand out in this competitive job market. Let’s unlock your hidden potential and discover the keys to high performance in the nursing industry. Don’t miss this empowering episode of High Performance Nursing!


00:00:19 Michelle has decades of recruitment experience and is the founder of Aesthetics Recruitment Australia.

00:03:58 Summary: Body language, preparation, and value to employer.

00:09:05 Recruiters connect employers with suitable candidates.

00:12:42 Nurses have untapped potential, need encouragement.

00:17:21 Communication, listening, reading people, questioning, writing, sales, negotiation, resilience, organization.

00:21:57 Beauty industry booming pre-COVID, declined post-COVID.

00:27:24 Nurses face challenges finding jobs in aesthetics.

00:32:23 Understanding your “why” is crucial. Being a cosmetic injector requires articulating your passion, education, connections, and commitment. Flexibility and taking less desirable conditions initially are necessary. It’s hard work with risks and sales targets, and there’s a disconnect between nurses and clinic staff.

00:37:38 Knowing your “why” makes a difference.

00:41:31 Balancing work at hospital and injecting cosmetically

00:46:31 Some employers can’t hire certain professionals.

00:48:14 Your compelling “why” is crucial before spending.

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