Basic vs Advanced Nursing 

High Performance Nursing

Basic vs Advanced Nursing 

April 24, 2023

Basic vs Advanced Nursing 

In this episode, I discussed a topic that might seem controversial at first: being basic. I delve into the importance of getting back to the basics of nursing and how it can actually make you an advanced practitioner. Through personal stories and insights, I shared how poor execution of basics can impact both patients and healthcare professionals. 

This topic is especially close to my heart as I reflect on the recent passing of my uncle and the conversations we had about nursing.

I urge every clinician to prioritize meeting the basic needs of patients every day and remind you that without the basics, everything else is worthless. 

Key takeaways:

01:18 – Liam’s uncle’s experience of inadequate basic nursing care toward the end of his life 

04:04 – Basic human needs

05:53 – Basic needs of patients every day

14:36 – Improve your patient satisfaction

16:42 – How basics can make nurses more advanced practitioners

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