2023 Graduate Nurse Q and A LIVE – Grad Success Series

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2023 Graduate Nurse Q and A LIVE – Grad Success Series

April 19, 2023

2023 Graduate Nurse Q and A LIVE – Grad Success Series

Join me in this exciting episode where I went live on Instagram and discussed valuable insights about graduate nursing programs, nursing careers, and life. I answered several questions from the audience, including whether entry-level jobs are worth considering instead of graduate nursing programs, how to manage nervousness and overwhelm during placement weeks, and dealing with feeling unprepared for the job.

In addition, I touched on imposter syndrome, self-doubt, and the importance of balancing nursing relationships, life, and career during the graduate year. 

This episode offers excellent advice for graduate nursing students navigating their programs and looking to succeed in their careers. If you’re a nursing student eager to get ahead in the nursing profession, this is a must-listen.

Key takeaways:

02:08 – Graduate nursing program or entry-level job? Which one do you think is more essential?

04:09 – Feeling overwhelmed

07:54 – How to nurse on your own terms

09:23 – Imposter syndrome 

11:45 – Use that past version of you to propel you forward.

16:54 – How can you get back to outpatients?

18:38 – Tips to retain medication knowledge

21:20 – What is stopping you from applying for an outpatient position as an RN?

22:06 – Feeling unprepared for the job in so many ways

28:15 – Doubts and managing your doubts

30:25 – Most important thing Liam learned from grad year 

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