Aesthetic's Nursing & Nursepreneurship In The UK with Charlotte Reynolds

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Aesthetic's Nursing & Nursepreneurship In The UK with Charlotte Reynolds

February 14, 2022

Aesthetic's Nursing & Nursepreneurship In The UK with Charlotte Reynolds

In this episode, I had a fun and informative talk with Charlotte Reynolds, who has been a colleague back in the UK. She is an ICU nurse and a nurseprenuer at the same time with her very own aesthetics clinic.

Charlotte had years of experience as an ICU nurse until she gave birth and realized that she needed to do something different. And that’s where the aesthetics clinic started. 

At first, she was afraid of venturing into something she wasn’t really familiar with. She is afraid of what other people will think or if she can really make it until she learns to care less about others’ opinions. 

In this episode, Charlotte also shares what it was like to be an ICU nurse when the COVID-19 pandemic started. According to her, the hardest part was seeing other people suffer and not having a definite plan to handle the situation. 

On the brighter side, she says they got the support they needed in such tough times. The hospital that she has been working at has helped her cope, especially on the emotional side, with everything going on around. 

To sum it up, Charlotte, like any other nurse in the world, wants to do something different at some time too. Working in the hospital can be draining, and that’s when nurses start to look for options. And there’s nothing wrong with it, actually. After all, nurses are still humans who need an outlet to destress and find another path at the same time.


  • Charlotte’s nursing journey (01:45)
  • What is outreach nursing services in the UK look like (04:05)
  • How Charlotte discovered a new path (09:07)
  • What it’s like to be a nurse during COVID (12:02)
  • Charlotte’s experience as an ICU nurse (17:05)
  • How Charlotte established her aesthetic business (22:15)
  • What it was like to take the first payment in Charlotte’s business (24:50)
  • Charlotte’s advice to those who are planning to start an aesthetics company (28:12)
  • Charlotte’s definition of high-performance nursing (31:00)
  • Charlotte’s advice to health workers who are planning to do something different (36:35)
  • What keeps Charlotte going (40:00)


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