Be Brave, Be Fearless

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Be Brave, Be Fearless

In this episode, Gary Bisbee, Ph.D. and Carladenise Edwards, Ph.D. discuss the need for a refocus on goals and investment in public health infrastructure, and the importance of hard work…
February 8, 2023

Be Brave, Be Fearless

Meet Our Guest: 

Dr. Carladenise Edwards is a seasoned Strategic Advisor and a former Executive Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer for several prominent healthcare organizations, including Henry Ford Health System, Providence St. Joseph Health, and Alameda Health System. She also serves as a board member for organizations such as Heluna Health, RAND Health, American Board of Internal Medicine, University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing, and Healthcare Financial Management Association. Dr. Edwards holds a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology and a Master’s in Education and Counseling Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania and a Ph.D. in Medical Sociology from the University of Florida.

Key Insights: 

Carladenise Edwards discusses the challenges faced by women and minorities in taking on leadership roles in the healthcare industry.

Reinvesting in Public Health. By strengthening public health infrastructure, we can create a more equitable and effective healthcare system that prioritizes the health and well-being of women and all people. This is essential for empowering women in leadership and ensuring that everyone has access to the care they need to live healthy and secure lives.

● ”White Flight.” Carladenise’s belief and concern that the opportunities for women and minorities to take on leadership roles will only continue to proliferate as long as the healthcare industry continues to suffer.

The Rewards of Hard Work. Women in leadership roles often face unique challenges, but their determination and hard work can lead to real, tangible results. By embracing the challenges and putting in the effort, women can make a significant impact on the healthcare system and drive positive change for everyone.

This episode is hosted by Gary Bisbee, Ph.D., MBA​, Founder, Chairman & CEO, Think Medium.

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