Is Telehealth a Bubble? ft. Ann Mond Johnson

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Is Telehealth a Bubble? ft. Ann Mond Johnson

January 19, 2022

Is Telehealth a Bubble? ft. Ann Mond Johnson

Telehealth and virtual care are increasingly important tools for removing healthcare barriers such as access, quality, cost, and provider scarcities. However, scrutiny continues as we battle regulations and misconceptions in the market for telehealth and other at-home care delivery models. 

How do we overcome this resistance? Is it possible for telehealth to be the next generation of care delivery? 

Join Chris Hemphill as they guide us through a discussion with Ann Mond Johnson, CEO of the American Telemedicine Association, about the impact of telehealth on the market. Ann provides a consumer-focused outlook on where telehealth is going. 

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