The Gary Bisbee Show: You’re the Leader

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The Gary Bisbee Show: You’re the Leader

June 6, 2023

The Gary Bisbee Show: You’re the Leader

Meet Richard Winters

Dr. Richard Winters is a practicing emergency physician and executive coach at Mayo Clinic. As director of Leadership Development for the Mayo Clinic Care Network, Dr. Winters facilitates retreats and delivers programs that train leaders at healthcare organizations worldwide.


Key Insights:

Dr. Winters practices Emergency Medicine and coaches leadership in the medical industry.


Uncertainty. Dr. Winters says healthcare is volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous – and leaders must become adept at thriving in such situations. 

Why Physician Autonomy? As organizations scale, agility is required. Trusting employees to make the right call based on their own judgment improves overall quality.

Nuance and Compromise. Unlike in the ER, the board room requires constant negotiation and compromise. Making change is a process and requires careful language. 


Relevant Links:

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Order a copy of “You’re the Leader”

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