Ep. 98: Gamifying Health – Anthony Diaz (CEO of Health Hero)

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Ep. 98: Gamifying Health – Anthony Diaz (CEO of Health Hero)

Gamifying Health with Blockchain
July 15, 2022

Ep. 98: Gamifying Health – Anthony Diaz (CEO of Health Hero)

Anthony Diaz is modernizing global health engagement with his health-to-earn startup Health Hero, Inc. On this episode, Anthony shares with Ray how he plans to use gamification to improve people’s health while also being a monetary asset that can finance their core needs. He details how his company is creating a platform that rewards individuals for engaging in their health and also how he plans to make telehealth more fun.

Topics Covered

  • Why Anthony became a software architect and interested in blockchain technologies.
  • How Health Hero is hoping to bring the health-to-earn concept to more people.
  • The way an individual’s health records can be turned into an NFT,
  • Why gamification can have such a large impact on user adoption.
  • How Anthony is using “game jams” to drive innovation for their platform.
  • The way Health Hero structured their software to integrate with different electronic health records, Microsoft Teams, and Slack.

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Resources Mentioned

News Corner

We have raised $12.7 Million in Seed Funding to Build the Future of Decentralized Science and Biotech (

Recently a company called Molecule announced it raised $12.7M in seed funding to build the future of decentralized science. The investment was led by Northpond Ventures and includes over a dozen other major funders. The company has close partnerships with VitaDAO and other leading DeSci groups.

Specifically, Molecule is first focusing on fundraising and resourcing for research projects and issuing IP-NFTs to secure the IP assets in the blockchain marketplace. The team has over 22 members distributed around the world and is passionate about making DeSci a reality.

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