Transforming Peri/Menopause Symptom Management | Dr. Alicia Jackson

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Transforming Peri/Menopause Symptom Management | Dr. Alicia Jackson

September 27, 2021

Transforming Peri/Menopause Symptom Management | Dr. Alicia Jackson

Dr. Alicia Jackson is the CEO and founder of Evernow – a next-gen telemedicine company focused on menopause. Dr. Jackson has a long track record of bringing to life technological advances to solve pressing challenges facing people across the globe. She is a PhD graduate of MIT, served as a policy staffer for the US Senate Energy Committee, and was the Deputy Director of the Biological Technologies Office at DARPA, the Pentagon’s principal engine for disruptive innovation.

In this episode,  Dr Jackson shares results from the survey of 70,000 women in peri/menopause and discusses how Evernow is leveraging this data to support women in perimenopause or who experienced menopause through telehealth.  We discuss:

  • Why it is often challenging to get answers from your doctor
  • Predictors for symptom severity (e.g., hot flashes)
  • Why hormonal blood work may not be as helpful as you would think
  • The one thing you should be prepared for if you need a hysterectomy
  • Medications vs. supplements

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