Tom Smith of Dadi | Transforming Male Fertility

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Tom Smith of Dadi | Transforming Male Fertility

November 9, 2020

Tom Smith of Dadi | Transforming Male Fertility

Tom Smith is the co-founder and CEO of Dadi.  Dadi, a provider of a temperature-controlled at-home fertility test and sperm collection kit, will encourage men to contribute to family planning conversations and become more aware of their reproductive health. 

Infertility has been seen as a “woman’s issue.”  However, when it comes to infertility, ⅓ is female factor, ⅓ is male factor and ⅓ is unknown.  Tom shares the following during our discussion:

  • Why it is important for men to be proactive
  • How men can test at home
  • What an at-home kit SHOULD test for (they are not all the same)
  • What men should talk to their doctor about
  • How Dadi is innovating and rethinking the entire space of male fertility

Dadi encourages you to contact them with questions and is offering Fempower Health podcast listeners a $25 discount.   Click and use code FEMPOWER.

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