Products That Affect the Vaginal Microbiome | Apothercare

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Products That Affect the Vaginal Microbiome | Apothercare

Research has shown the effects products can have on the gut microbiome. But what about the vaginal microbiome? Scientific researchers from Apothercare explain the latest findings.
October 18, 2022

Products That Affect the Vaginal Microbiome | Apothercare

How do feminine products affect the vaginal microbiome? In this episode, we interview Pamela Miles and Dr. Cindy Orser of Apothercare, a women’s health research and advocacy startup that brings science to the consumer. Apothercare conducts some of the latest lab studies on the human microbiome, specifically related to women’s health.

Listen as Pam and Cindy discuss the importance of testing products today and what companies can do to manufacture safer options. They share some of the top products that affect human microbiomes and some of the most interesting research findings in their labs.

Pamela Miles is the founder and CEO of Apothercare, which initially focused on the science of cannabis topicals and suppositories for pain. Dr. Cindy Orser is a scientist, researcher, Chief Science Officer for Apothercare. Their team shares findings of the effects of internal and external products on women’s microbiomes and overall health. 

Discussed in this episode:

  • Current research on the human gut microbiome
  • The importance of product testing and microbiome testing
  • Common products that impact the vaginal microbiome and reproductive health 
  • Internal vs external vaginal washes and their effects on the vagina 
  • Cannabis products and the gut microbiome
  • FDA testing process for feminine hygiene products
  • Some of the latest Apothercare research 
  • What products might be missing in women’s health?
  • How to choose women’s sexual health products that are safer
  • What we can do to demand better testing for women’s health products

“There is no requirement for safety testing [for women’s hygiene products]. We hope to get the FDA’s attention that these products should go through testing since there’s evidence they affect women’s health.” – Dr. Cindy Orser

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