Dr Sophia Yen | The Birth Control Controversy: An MD Perspective

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Dr Sophia Yen | The Birth Control Controversy: An MD Perspective

February 8, 2021

Dr Sophia Yen | The Birth Control Controversy: An MD Perspective

This episode is part of a three-episode series on birth control.  In Season 1, experts shared interesting views on how one should view birth control to support their health and lifestyle needs, so I wanted to dig further.  The series covers alternate views as well as an innovation in birth control.  In this first episode of the series, we hear from Dr Sophia Yen, Co-Founder of, birth control delivery.

In this episode, Dr Yen covers:

  • Whether adolescents are put on the pill too early or not
  • How the pill may or many not impact your health including fertility, cancer, PCOS
  • Hormone variations across birth control pills
  • The Pill vs. IUD
  • How to decide what is right for you

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More about Dr. Sophia Yen
Sophia Yen, M.D., M.P.H. is the CEO and Co-Founder of, birth control delivery.  She has a passion for making women’s lives easier and preventing unplanned pregnancies and co-founded Pandia Health because she believes no one should suffer from “pill anxiety” – the fear of running out of birth control and the stress of having to obtain birth control each month. 

Educating the public about cutting-edge, evidence-based medicine, she has spoken at SXSW, TEDxBerkeley, TEDxSiliconValleyWomen, high schools, Boys and Girls Club of the Peninsula and lectured physicians and students at various academic institutions from Stanford Medical School to UCLA Internal Medicine to UC Riverside to MIT and more.

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