Dr. Miriam Cremer | Preventing the Most Preventable Cancer

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Dr. Miriam Cremer | Preventing the Most Preventable Cancer

February 1, 2021

Dr. Miriam Cremer | Preventing the Most Preventable Cancer

Dr Miriam Cremer is founder of Basic Health International, which exists to eliminate cervical cancer on a global level through cutting edge research for the prevention and treatment of cervical cancer in low resource settings.  Dr. Cremer, founded Basic Health after seeing first hand the devastating impact of this devastating yet preventable cancer can have on women.

In this episode, Dr. Cremer covers:

  • What cervical cancer is
  • What causes cervical cancer and how you can prevent it
  • How the HPV vaccine can help (and she addresses fears about it)
  • Why women of color and immigrants are most impacted
  • The future of testing and how it can transform the transgender population

“It’s very rare to find a cancer where you have a precursor, you have a vaccine for it, and you have a place you can reach. An organ you can get at and treat right away. We have all these tools. Why is it that women are dying of cervical cancer?” – Dr Miriam Cremer

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