CBD: Fad or Fact | Chloe Weber

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CBD: Fad or Fact | Chloe Weber

June 14, 2021

CBD: Fad or Fact | Chloe Weber

Chloe Weber is an acupuncturist and Chinese herbalist recently finishing her doctorate.  She was inspired to create Radical Roots Herbs both because of her direct experience with rare conditions for both her and her son, Remy.

In this episode, Chloe shares:

  • The science behind CBD
  • What CBD can be used for 
  • How to determine whether a CBD product is high quality

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More about Chloe Weber
Chloe Weber is the founder and CEO of Radical Roots Herbs. Her life’s work is all about businesses that enable common folks to achieve healthier daily lives. Chloe’s also known to enable and empower those around her to succeed. 

The secret to her success is the subtle art of giving a fuck. What else would one do with those close calls in life? Studying East Asian medicine was driven by overcoming cutaneous leishmaniasis, an uncommon parasitic disease.  When her son, Remy was diagnosed with STXBP1, a genetic disorder so rare that there’s no other name for it other than the gene that’s affected, Chloe founded a company to make Remy’s personal formula available to all and started a resource website and podcast to help other families. Chloe continues to create herbal formulas for all the people she’s met and still have yet to meet. She simply cares that medicine should be effective and accessible.

Chloe’s making wins and fails for the memoir of her life. Along the way, she’s been invited to share her thoughts on health and medicine at large.

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