Why Women Should Sweat in Sync with their Cycle | Jenni Hulburt

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Why Women Should Sweat in Sync with their Cycle | Jenni Hulburt

June 21, 2021

Why Women Should Sweat in Sync with their Cycle | Jenni Hulburt

Jenni Hulburt, the founder of WILD Wellness, speaks about the value women can gain with adjusting their workouts to align with where they are in their menstrual cycle.    Jenni shares:

  • Recommendations for how women should vary their workouts throughout their menstrual cycle
  • Jenni’s story and her personal workout regimen
  • Tips for how to get to know what your body needs

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More about Jenni Hulburt
Jenni Hulburt, M.S., is the Founder of WILD Wellness and the Owner of Forest & Flowers Retreat — a wellness retreat house rental on 50 wooded acres in Western Pennsylvania.  Her work is all about offering experiences that connect you with nature for your well-being. 

She has a Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degree in Exercise Physiology and Sport Psychology, and teaches women how to “sweat in sync with their cycle” with workouts and online fitness programs that are part cyclical, seasonal, sweaty, and soulful.  Jenni believes you can reach your goals without sacrificing your well-being as you seek to embody what nature has always modeled – it’s not a sprint, but a cycle. 

From her teachings on essential oils and mentoring a growing doTERRA community exploring plant allies for nature-inspired health, to growing flowers and creating experiences at the Forest & Flowers Retreat — she’s all about inspiring you to live more in sync with nature, and to take care of your body so you can live this one WILD life.

**The information shared by Fempower Health is not medical advice but for information purposes to enable you to have more effective conversations with your doctor.  Always talk to your doctor before making health-related decisions. 

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