How To Get Patient Feedback That Is Actionable

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How To Get Patient Feedback That Is Actionable

December 10, 2023

How To Get Patient Feedback That Is Actionable

In patient included or patient centred healthcare approach, patient feedback is key for improved care, and healthcare experience. Pep Health uses a digital platform to collect and analyze patient feedback from various online sources, moving away from traditional, less effective survey methods.

The platform provides detailed scores and insights, allowing healthcare providers to make targeted improvements in specific areas like access and quality within their facilities. The data and insights generated are influencing healthcare policies and practices, leading to changes in areas such as maternity services and mental health care delivery.

At HLTH 2023, founder of Pep Health Meghan Leaver shared more insights behind:

  • Innovation in the patient feedback gathering,
  • What actionable insight healthcare providers can get from PEP insights,
  • Impact patient feedback analysis can have on policymaking

Episode summary:


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