Global State of Digital Health presented at HLTH

Faces of Digital Health

Global State of Digital Health presented at HLTH

November 15, 2022

Global State of Digital Health presented at HLTH

Finn Partners and Galen growth Asia partnered for a global overview of the digital health investment landscape. More than 200M data points from more than 12,000 digital health ventures worldwide were taken into account when assessing the state of the industry. 

 In this short discussion, the CEO of Galen Growth Asia Julien de Salaberry, explained the key findings from the report, the state of digital health in China and expectations from next year.

Investment trends globally:

– In the first 9 months of 2022, venture funding across the globe declined by 35% YOY ($25 B compared to $39.23B over the same quarters in 2021)

– 60% of the total volume comes from North America, the Middle East came in second in Q2, and Europe did NOT see a quarter-on-quarter decrease in venture funding seen in North America.

– Top investment categories: oncology (though the funding shrinked by 30%) and mental health

Predictions for 2023: 

– Investors are moving from Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) to Fear of Looking Foolish (FOLF)

– Ventures are finding that funding terms & conditions are far less favorable and valuations

are continuing to return to reality.


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