Bringing ePrescribing To The Next Level: To Patients

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Bringing ePrescribing To The Next Level: To Patients

August 22, 2023

Bringing ePrescribing To The Next Level: To Patients

The US has had ePrescribing since 2001. However, after four years, only 4% of clinicians had adopted it. Electronic prescribing became legal in all 50 states by 2007. Eight years later, controlled substances and prior authorization were enabled on the singular ePrescribing network. In 2022, a new player entered the market, founded by FDB – a global provider of clinical decision support tools and resources for medication.

FDB Vela sets itself apart with newer technology and additional features. They are also working on building a veterinarian ePrescribing network. In today’s discussion with Lathe Bigler – Vice President of Clinical Network Services at FDB (First Databank) and General Manager of FDB Vela™, you will hear more about what ePrescribing entails under the new network. Additionally, you will learn about FDB’s plans to enhance medication information for patients, improve accessibility to pharmacogenomics insights, and more.


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