How to Deliver Healthcare in 250+ Languages

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How to Deliver Healthcare in 250+ Languages

Understanding each other with video remote interpreting platforms
October 27, 2021

How to Deliver Healthcare in 250+ Languages

The importance of understanding each other: video remote interpreting platforms.

Health disparities are as broad and different as a color palette. Jamey Edwards works to improve them with Cloudbreak Health. Trust in the patient-provider encounter is essential and necessary in the 21st Century. This is why he started providing language services to enhance these barriers in medicine. The pandemic has caused everything to turn towards digital solutions. What used to be an in-person visit, now is an email or a phone call. This is where telemedicine is headed: the simplification of processes from the providers’ side. Also, the collaboration between institutions will boost to improve a single patient’s experience. 

Join Stefano and Jamey in this beautiful conversation about how technology will #humanizehealthcare!

About Jamey Edwards

Jamey is on a mission to fix healthcare. Jamey has founded and co-founded companies in hospital management, physician outsourcing, and telemedicine as a serial entrepreneur. He is currently the CEO of Cloudbreak Health, a leading unified telemedicine company currently performing over 130,000 encounters per month in over 1,900 healthcare venues nationwide.

Jamey is a member of the Global Army of Healthcare Transformers of StartUp Health and is focused on two main moonshots of increasing access to care and driving the cost of care to zero. He graduated as a Tradition Fellow from Cornell University in 1996 & received his MBA from Cornell’s Johnson Graduate School of Management in 2003.

Key Take-aways 

  • The difference in Language is one of the most significant medical disparities across the globe. 
  • Telemedicine is bringing patients closer to doctors. 
  • With the advancement of technology, collaboration between institutions will be easier. 
  • Technology is constantly changing and working to improve the patient’s experience. 


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